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The Old Songs (1930 - 1941)

The following songs are from the period 1930 - 1941. I chose this era because it was the time of the Great Depression in the United States. In 1932 Roosevelt and the Democratic Party had a landslide and virtually wiped out the Republican Party for the next 15 years.

America didn't enter the war until December of 1941 and the war was still far off in Europe and Japan. And even though the Great Depression got somewhat better by 1939, it wasn't till the United States entered World War II that it was truly over.

Radio had taken root and virtually killed off vaudeville. There were four radio networks: CBS, NBC (at the time NBC consisted of two radio networks, the NBC - Red network and the NBC - Blue Network), and the Mutual Broadcasting System.

Hollywood was producing film after film many in fantasy mode to combat the despair of the depression and in 1939 Hollywood peaked in the film making numerous classic movies that year. A new thing called TV was being developed and some sets were actually in use in London and New York City though the audience was miniscule.

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