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The Old Songs (1900 - 1929)

The following songs are from the period 1900 - 1920. I chose this era because it was the time from the turn of the century (1900) till radio became a common household item (1929).

This was the biggest time of the Tin Pan Alley. It was a time when sheet music still accounted for the popularity of a song, but more and more vaudeville was creeping up on the American public. Even the smallest towns and villages had at least one theatre.

The phonograph was becoming more commonplace throughout American homes as well. The discs were 78s. And as more and more phonographs entered the parlours and living rooms the piano and the player pianos, became less popular.

But the real change in music was just about to come into being in 1929. And soon it would explode and change music and American as no other invention did. That was radio. The word "radio" first was coined in 1907, and by 1912 it was mostly used for communication in ships and railroads.

The first sets were for the consumers were crystal. They had to be listened to with headphones, but by 1929 radios were made for consumers that could be set in the living room much like the TV is done today. In 1930 radio consisted of music, drama, comedy and soap operas barely a year before radio was limited to the more affluent people on a smaller scale.

This was the last time music would be so simple and in the future songs written would be heard instantly by millions worldwide.

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